What are the best interview questions that are tricky and require presence of mind to answer them?

Sticking to the basics :

During fresher/interns recruitment, I generally throw these kind of Age/Aptitude questions on 8–9–10 pointers :

For Electronics & CSE Engineers :

10011 1011100 convert to numeric value.

For Electrical Engineers :

20KW Engine coupled with 0.8 power factor & 100% efficiency alternator should give output = _ KVA

For Mechanical Engineers :

A motor can generate 30 bhp, calculate the max load in KW which can be put on motor with 4% loss due to unbalanced RPM.

For IT Engineers :

It took 20 seconds to download 409600KB. Calculate the download speed in MBPS. 20% of the total time was taken by IDM for rebuilding file.

For Civil/Architect :

5445 sq feet is covered in house and 20% is still vacant for garden. Covert the whole land in Marla. (marla is indian land measurement unit)

Most of the time, I am like this only :

My God..!! Whole engineering was a lie.

This is from one of my old answers.

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