What are some awesome Google products/services very few people know about?

I almost lost my brand new one plus five Phone :

Went to play football nearby my home. Match ended. It got 7:30 pm. Checked my pockets. My mobile was missing. I had just brought ‘One plus five’ 3–4 days back then.

Everybody started calling on my number. But I had kept my phone on vibration mode. Total panic situation. My all official contacts were in it. No backup was done. Literally a depressing situation.

One of my friend entered query on google , “How to find lost phone in big ground at night”

  • He – Hey Rohan get your mobile here & open chrome. Amar, now come here.
  • Opened Google Play in chrome.
  • Signed in my Google account.
  • Went to my accounts.
  • Find my device.
  • Play Sound option (Device will ring for 5 minutes even if is set SILENT.

Oh man within 2–3 seconds, we heard the loud ringtone. It was lying nearby ground’s entrance. And prior to this we, 5–6 friends in dark, searched for at least 20 minutes in ground.

Moral : Google knows Everything. All you need is to type in search box.

Thanks Google play.

Note:- this feature needs your phone data to be ON otherwise this functionality wouldn’t work.

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