I did vote for B.J.P in LS Elections expecting a betterment :
  1. My Grand father, a retired soldier, was very optimistic about OROP. But he found lot many deviations b/w speeches before election & post implementation. Though he is not at all demanding, but 1% DA hike this time, made him doubtful about inflation at ground level.
  2. I was driving from Gurgaon to Jammu, got extremely happy with the great highways & bypass bridges. But when I stopped my car at fuel station it pinched me a lot for getting petrol at 75/ litre & international crude oil being on 50$ per barrel. Where as in earlier times this ratio used to be much better.
  3. I was happy that demonetization happened & black money has been washed out as claimed by govt. But recently I had a sales call where customer had condition of 5 lac under billing & to given as cash. Though we declined. But yes I can see some fish with the cash.
  4. I was happy that GST rolled out successfully as claimed by govt, but my friend who is a small time trader is shouting like anything. He has hired a CA for 40k per year & GST got his profit margin shrink.
  5. I was happy that finally this govt would take care of farmers, but sadly I didn’t see any good M.S.P hike on wheat or rice in past three years. Though price hike in fertilizers & seeds is an area of debate.
  6. I was happy that bureaucracy would improve, but on daily basis I see traffic police putting something in pocket.
Though I have 100’s of complaints against Govt. but I am hoping from him only.

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